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Meditation and mindfulness are clinically proven to help stress, anxiety and depression. It is one of the most effective ways to improve our mental health, but meditation isn’t an easy practise to master. Tend is here to transform meditation and mindfulness by creating a fully immersive world.


Unlike current apps which offer only audio or limited video content, Tend creates a completely immersive virtual environment with clinically based meditation, mindfulness and wellbeing courses that help beginners unwind, relax and grow.


By creating a totally immersive world with clinically derived meditation and mindfulness content, we can dramatically lower the barrier to successful meditation. Tend is fully gamified: the world grows with you, representing your growth as a meditator.


We know meditation works. Tend is the means to deliver it. 

Matthew Hoad-Robson
founder, managing director

With over fifteen years experience delivering multi-award winning content for clients including Rolls-Royce, BBC, Greenpeace, NSPCC, Cancer Research UK amongst many others, Matthew is a highly experienced creative leader. He is the founder and managing director of tend, an experienced meditator with a keen interest in improving mental health through technology. 

Emma Selby
founder, clinical director
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Emma is a clinical nurse specialist focusing on mental health. Emma is the director of digital mentality and co-founder and clinical director for Tend. In addition to providing clinical knowledge Emma is a multi-award winning nurse with multiple digital designs and innovations and three year’s experience in developing digital therapeutics. 

Jon Brichto
Ezechi Britton
technical advisor
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Jon Brichto is managing director of multi-award winning creative production company Brickwall, with nearly twenty years as a successful business leader.  At Brickwall Jon has overseen the company’s expansion across digital channels developing the business from a film company into a full service creative production studio working on animation, film and digital projects. 

Ezechi is co-founder and former CTO at Fintech startup Neyber, a lending platform that has received over £100 million in investment from companies including Goldman Sachs. His experience in delivering critical technologies to a tight deadline will be invaluable in insuring the project's success.

TEND: The future of mental health



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We know meditation works.

We also know meditation is hard.

We're here to change that.